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U&lc Online Issue: 30.1.2

Featured Designer: Tomi Haaparanta



Tomi Haaparanta has been designing typefaces since 1990. He didn’t plan it that way, but what began as an infatuation with type and letterform design has, over time, proven to be an enduring love affair.

A native of Finland, Haaparanta studied graphic design at the University of Industrial Arts in Helsinki and the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. It was in Dublin that typographic lightning struck: Haaparanta credits a course he took there, taught by calligrapher and type designer Phil Baines, as prompting his first love for letters.

Haaparanta completed his studies and found jobs with a number of advertising and design companies, but lettering and type design crept into his work every time. Unable to resist type’s siren song any longer, Haaparanta finally started his own foundry. Now, he says, “Finland is pretty much littered with typefaces, packages, books and logos made by me.” In fact, Haaparanta’s fonts are widely used around the world, from Rolling Stone magazine headlines to the logo for Rogue Pictures.

Haaparanta’s irreverent sense of humor informs all of his designs. Whether it’s the jolly and off-kilter Tangerine, the rugged but friendly Teethreedee, or the lovably pudgy Tyke, each of Haaparanta’s fonts has a distinct and lively personality.

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