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Inspiration for a new typeface design can come from anywhere. Just ask Nick Curtis who began work on ITC Scram Gravy when the logotype of a 1920s toiletry company caught his eye. ITC Jeepers came to life when Curtis spotted a 1920s poster designed by the Berlin artist Paul Scheurich.

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Carlos Segura & T.26

The foundation of Carlos Segura’s success was built upon a unique blend of business strategy and artistic standards. These qualities have helped him grow 5 businesses, including type foundry T.26. We take a close look at the designer turned businessman, his near-celebrity status in Japan, and his uncompromising philosophy.

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Scripts – Formal to Casual

Here’s a category of typefaces that looks equally good in a tuxedo or jeans. Whether it’s for an elegant invitation or a personal, friendly note, the tremendous range of script designs available from ITC has you covered.

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Sample Edition

Value Packs from Akira Kobayashi
Akira Kobayashi has created scores of exceptional typeface designs – many while standing at an antique type – composing table in his studio in Tokyo. Kobayashi’s typeface designs fall into three general categories: ornamental fonts like the beautiful ITC Japanese Garden, elegant display designs like ITC Luna and ITC Silvermoon, and striking text designs like ITC Woodland. In all, he has created over a dozen fonts for ITC – each with it’s own unusual or dramatic interpretation.

We’ve collected these wonderful typographic jewels and put them into four Value Packs. Click on the link above to see for yourself.

Font of the Month-Save 10%
ITC Cancione

Slender, elegant, yet rubbed with a weatherworn veneer, ITC Cancione is the perfect November font. Although the inspiration comes from fourth-century Roman inscriptions, ITC Cancione is as current as tomorrow. The suite of floral ornaments, tendril flourishes, alternate characters and logotypes make this font even more appealing. A natural for everything from book covers to Thanksgiving Day menus.

“Diligence is the mother of good fortune.”


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This is a sample newsletter. All links will take you back to the subscribe page.